Set in a quiet semi-rural location, O’Reiki Therapies treatment room is light & airy. Totally private with a calm relaxing atmosphere. Drift off to the sound of soothing music & let your body rejuvenate.....


Julie Williams  - 

Julie is a qualified nurse, health visitor, reflexologist & Reiki practitioner. She has always been interested in an holistic approach to health from pre-conception onwards & completed a Master of Science degree in Health Sciences at St George’s Hospital Medical School at the University of London in 1996.

In 2000 Julie qualified as a Lactation Consultant & Co-founded The Baby Café Charitable Trust, a network of breastfeeding support groups that are now co-ordinated by NCT.  She has over 20 years experience working with mothers & babies.

Today, Julie combines her skills & experience to offer a range of therapies to  help clients maintain & manage their health from her Treatment room at O’Reiki Therapies in Cuckfield, West Sussex. Julie is also trained in Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) particularly beneficial for clients suffering with secondary Lymphoedema as a result of surgery for cancer.

As a health professional as well as a complementary therapist Julie is used to working in collaboration with other medical personnel to ensure the safety & wellbeing of her clients.


Following surgery for breast cancer in 2010, I developed side effects which included swelling to my left upper arm and to the left side of my body. I was very conscious of this and it made my whole body feel unbalanced. I also had poor lymphatic drainage in the left underarm area which resulted in a hard lump the size of a golf ball in my left armpit which I would have to manually massage to assist drainage. Since undertaking the course of reflexology lymphatic drainage the swelling on my left side has gone and my body now feels in balance. The lump in my left armpit has not returned. The treatment has made a huge difference to my self-esteem as I feel more positive about my body.
— Jane