What’s happening at O’Reiki Therapies…


My highest intention is that Client’s will feel better following a treatment at O’Reiki Therapies. Whether it’s receiving a Reiki treatment, reflexology session, reflexology lymphatic drainage, pre-conception, maternity or post-natal reflexology or learning how to give basic reflexology to your baby by attending a Baby Reflex workshop.


Over the last few years I have been adding therapies for Client’s to enjoy and experience, the latest being Thai foot massage which involves more lower leg massage and focused acupressure on certain reflexes.


When I was nursing, the emphasis was on the treatment of poor health and that is where my attention was. As a health visitor I became much more interested in preventative health and being based in the community taught me much about how people cope day to day with health issues that don’t require hospitalization.


All of this experience was great training for moving into the complimentary therapy area. Now, my priority is supporting wellbeing. Many of my client’s have chronic or life threatening health conditions ranging from anxiety to cancer.


O’Reiki Therapies provides a safe space where certain complimentary treatments or a combination of treatments help the client in managing their particular disease in conjunction with orthodox medicine. Regular client’s develop an instinctive awareness regarding what their bodies need and make requests for different therapies depending on how they feel at the time.


Actions that support wellbeing can be very simple such as fresh air, drinking plenty of water, conscious breathing and quiet meditation as well as gentle movement and a good nights sleep. From this Spring, O’Reiki Therapies will be offering a series of walks called ‘Mindful Pathways’ which will consist of an easy walk followed by a guided meditation. More information to follow & a Happy new year!