Summer Solstice June 21st 2018

As we celebrate the intensity of the Summer Solstice & welcome this time of renewal & great potential in our lives I am minded to acknowledge what a year of transition it has been so far for me.

Changes in the home and at work bring a bittersweet acceptance of how life continues to evolve and how we adapt to our place within it so that there is a continued feeling of excitement about what the future holds.

Today, for me, is a day of thanksgiving for all that has been & all that is to come. Here is an excerpt from something that I wrote recently marking my own transition from being a full time Mum to embracing the new phase that I have now entered…

As the nesting hormones flee from me, I can accept that it is meant to be. That those now grown must separate, plough new furrows, greet appointed fate.

But looking back I feel so blessed, Oxytocin fuelled trysts of babes at the breast, That hormone kept me tipsy on love, made me wait ‘til you were grown so we were both strong enough to go it alone…

Happy Summer Solstice

Love & Blessings to all <3


Summer Solstice.jpg