Reiki is a Japanese word that can be translated as ‘universal life force energy’. The Usui system of Reiki that we use today was founded by Dr. Mikao Usi born in 1865.

Reiki is a complementary therapy often used in conjunction with orthodox treatment. Clients remain fully clothed to receive this gentle, relaxing therapy. The therapist places her hands above or lightly touching the body as the Reiki energy flows naturally to parts of the body that most need it. Reiki promotes relaxation, well being & healing. Particularly useful in helping to manage stress related conditions.


The history of reflexology is long & varied with many therapists contributing to what we call reflexology today. Ancient cultures have always used a form of foot massage that can be dated back as long ago as 2500 BC. Both China & Egypt can trace early forms of reflexology & there are papyrus & tomb depictions of the physician Ankhmahor giving hand & foot treatments.

In India a form of foot pressure techniques have been used for centuries & in Japan the use of Acupuncture & foot massage added to a growing body of knowledge supporting the treatment of feet to enhance wellbeing & good health.

Reflexology involves the application of gentle pressure to specific points on the feet which when massaged stimulate the body’s natural ability to balance itself & recuperate. Many ailments no matter how long standing can be alleviated. Particularly helpful for clients suffering from poor sleep patterns, anxiety & stress related issues.

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage


Trained by Sally Kay (BSC hons)

in this award winning technique Julie is pleased to be able to offer this therapy which provides much relief to those clients suffering from secondary lymphoedema which can be common following surgery for breast cancer, but can develop after surgeries involving other types of cancer too. See RLD website for more information.

Thai Foot Massage


Maternity Reflexology


Baby Reflexology

the treatment originated in Thailand & includes all parts of the foot and lower legs. The techniques used include hands on stretching, massage & stimulating reflex points with a Thai foot stick which follow the Thai energy lines. The therapist applies pressure which stimulates all the reflexes, nerve connections and energy pathways for the feet to the rest of the body encouraging homeostasis. Benefits include improved circulation, lymphatic drainage, boosts the immune system, improves flexibility, assists relaxation thereby reducing stress and insomnia, removal of toxins and acceleration of physical healing.


trained by sally earlam. fMAR BSc. RN. PGCE.

Reflexology to support you from conception to post-natal. Wonderful for managing some of the issues that arise during pregnancy.


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